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Brewed to cut the sharpest thirst...

Gurkha Beer

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High quality ingredients, traditional brewing methods and years of experience.

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Best Ingredients

We use locally sourced and the best ingredients.

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Gurkha beer is brewed in West Sussex, England. Available all over UK, Ireland and Europe.

Gurkha Beer No.1 Nepalese Beer in the UK & Europe

A uniquely smooth beer brewed to cut the sharpest thirst. This distinctive beer is now available in the United Kingdom, Ireland and Europe


Since 1988

Embodying the brave spirit of the Gurkha Soldier and a tribute to the people of Nepal!

Established in 1988, Gurkha Brewery, has one of the most advanced production sites in the UK with state
of the art brewing facilities and technical expertise.


Why the name
Gurkha Beer?

Gurkhas have been an integral part of the British Army for above 200 years. They loyally fought for the British all over the world, receiving 13 Victoria Crosses with a fearsome reputation. Many Gurkhas, retired and settled in the UK headed toward entrepreneurship, many of them became restaurateurs.

They brought their food and hospitality but Nepalese restaurants lacked a fitting drink to accompany their delicious food. That’s when Gurkha Beer was born. Gurkha Beer is not only limited to Nepalese restaurants it can now be found in several Asian Restaurants and all over Europe.

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