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Gurkha Welfare Trust

As the Gurkha beer name suggests we have a kinship with the Gurkha soldiers. The brave yet humble soldiers of Nepal who have served for the past 200 years in the British army. We believe that these veterans deserve care for their service and dedication.

It should come as no surprise then, that we support the Gurkha Welfare Trust. Their mission states that they “want to ensure that Gurkha veterans, their widows and their wider community are able to live with dignity.” They do this extensively through providing all around financial, medical and community aid. They help financially through providing welfare pensions to veterans and their widows. Medical aid is provided through payments, welfare centres, medical camps and even home visits. Lastly, they also develop the local community through projects and have residential homes for elderly care for their beneficiaries. The trust has been helping Gurkhas for 50 years now and we as a brand are honoured to support them carry their work.

On Course Foundation

"Founded in 2010 by John Simpson, On Course Foundation is the only military charity that supports the recovery of wounded service personnel and veterans through the sport of golf.

It plays a vital role in the recovery and transition phase of injured military personnel as they look to return to normal civilian life from a position where they once struggled to see hope in their future.

With a mission to restore self-confidence within an environment that promotes camaraderie, the charity organises a programme of nationwide golf activities. Following their life changing injuries, members can engage and participate in a sport which will improve their wellbeing and support their rehabilitation whilst the Foundation sources meaningful employment opportunities within golf and its related industries."

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