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Crisp, Refreshing & Clean Taste
Crisp, Refreshing & Clean Taste

Gurkha beer is a premium lager with crisp, refreshing & clean in taste. Flavours and aromas are locked through cold suspension brewing and triple filtration process.

Facts & Figures
Facts & Figures

Gurkha beer comes with ABV 4.8%. Fat 0gm, saturated fat 0gm, sugars 0gm, calorie 45kcal, carbohydrates 3.0gm. Ingredients: malted barley, hops, oats, yeast and water.

The Art of Making

The Art of Making

Vegan Friendly
Vegan Friendly

Gurkha beer is suitable for vegans. We only use barley, oats, yeast and water.

Vegan Friendly

Gurkha beer is available in 2 packaging types:
Bottle - 330ml and 660ml
Keg - 50 litres for draught


Our ingredients are simple and pure: Barley, hops, yeast and water, sometimes a little wheat or corn to vary the style. We source all ingredients, where possible locally. Organic barley comes from the local estate and we regularly meet the farm managers to ensure the planting will yield correct protein content. The barley is roasted to our own, very precise specifications.

Our Brewing Process

Malting & Mashing: Malting is the process where barley grain is made ready for brewing. Malting is broken down into three steps in order to help to release the starches in the barley. Mashing converts the starches released during the malting stage into sugars that can be fermented. The milled grain is mixed with hot water in a large vessel known as a mash tun.

Lautering, Boiling & Whirlpool: Lautering is the separation of the wort (the liquid containing the sugar extracted during mashing) from the grains. After mashing, the beer wort is boiled with hops in a large tank known as brew kettle. At the end of the boil, solid particles in the hopped wort are separated out, usually in a vessel called a "whirlpool" or "settling tank".

Fermenting: Fermentation takes place in fermentation vessels which come in various forms, from enormous cylindroconical vessels, through open stone vessels, to wooden vats.
Conditioning: After an initial or primary fermentation, beer is conditioned, matured or aged, which can take from 2 to 4 weeks.

Filtering & Packaging: We use triple filter process offering crisp & clean taste. After filtering & packaging the beer leaves the brewery and is stocked on several restaurants and retail stores all over the UK & Europe.

Our Brewery

Located in West Sussex, our brewers are skilled traditional brewers, hence good beer is naturally a result. Locally sourced, organic barley is procured from the Goodwood Estate in West Sussex and award-winning hops from Bodiam in East Sussex. As a Sussex brewer and independent, our brewer is proud to source locally – and we are very aware of the environmental implications. Lower food miles, even before the beer is produced!

Sustainable & Recyclability

We and our brewer believe in “green & sustainable” production. Having just built and planned their own purpose-built brewery, our brewer was able to factor in many energy efficiencies – double glazing, emphasis on natural lighting and insulation were built into the building specification. We went further.

Solar panels provide electricity and excess is dispersed to the National Grid. Reed beds recondition waste water and feed it back into the river Arun, with the approval of the Environment Agency. Waste with higher protein levels are purified by anaerobic digester, producing new energy. Water with a high yeast level is taken off site for use as a soil conditioner.

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